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icon textures 03 + 04

More textures! Bunch of random things, but always something.

The total is 44 icon textures. We go from woody to color. Porch deck to my bedroom walls.

+ Please comment and credit if taking. It's very much appreciated.

Set 03 | Woody Squares | 20 100x100 textures

Set 04 | Mute Spectrum | 24 100x100 textures

Haven't had the chance to try these out yet unfortunately, but they should be useful for something I reckon.. :)
sga | mckay / ending

icon textures 01

My first serious texture sets as I've been in an icon pause of some sort. Hey, I blame the fact that I'm out of town or I would have presented something other than Smallville icons earlier... :)

A total of 40 textures separated into two sets.

+ Please comment and credit if taking. It's very much appreciated.

Set 01 / Down on the floor | 20 100x100 textures

Set 02 / Green Dirt | 20 100x100 textures
rh | casually cool

me? smallville icons? oi.

I bring you a few Smallville icons. Or rather, I bring ghosts a few Lex & Clex icons.

Hope you like them Mis, a few more will be waiting for you when I get back home, and with a little more variation, but at least it's something since you've been waiting, aye? :)

These are only shareable if ghosts says they are. So ask her, unless she gets here first to tell you lot. Sorry, they're off limits!

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I'm packed and ready to leave town tomorrow for 10 whole days. I have however uploaded two texture sets, so don't be surprised if those show up in the next few days (granted it's not sunny and too hot to be inside, of course :D)
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Icon tutorial #01 / Textures & Brushes

Hey look, a tutorial by me. Now that's a first. It was requested by shadowmyst, and I've done my best trying to explain what to do, as I usually suck at it.

• Made in PSCS, should be easily translatable to most programs.

As I was making this I realized it's fairly easy without any real complicated steps. A few texture and brush layers with a layer mask and that's it. As always, depending on your base you may need to of course add a Curves layer, Selective color layer or similar to bring out the colors of your base, but with this particular image I didn't feel like it was needed.


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I hope it's understandable enough. Questions are always welcomed :)
pb | sara + michael

Icons: Lost and Prison Break

Yay, finally?

I'm posting these because I realized I never will otherwise and this way I can start fresh. Some are pretty old, some are pretty new and all are pretty variating in style (which is why you should never start new batches all the time and never finish them).

x Comment & credit if taking
x Do not edit icons & no hotlinking
x Resources can be found here

14 Lost (misc. S3)
15 Prison Break (misc. S2)
(including variations)

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